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Kucy (K\endall) and (L\ucy) is the romantic pairing between Lucy Stone and Kendall Knight. It could also be called Lendall (L/ucy) and (K/endall). This pairing rivals Jendall, Jucy, Kenlos, Kogan, Kames, and Lugan. This pairing was introduced in Big Time Rocker, and it has many fans. Kucy is the 2nd most popular ship. Although Lucy left in Big Time Decision, she made her return in Season 4. The main rival of Kucy is Jendall

Kendall and Lucy didn't start off very friendly towards each other. When Kendall first saw her in Big Time Rocker, he was surprised by her image. Due to Carlos and James vying for her affections and because of his recent breakup with Jo, he wasn't allowed to speak to her. Eventually he does speak to her when she calls Big Time Rush's music "cute". This leads to him arguing with her about Big Time Rush and their music. Eventually, Kendall convinces Lucy that Big Time Rush's music rocks when he blocks traffic to perform the song "Paralyzed".Edit

As the season continues, Kendall and Lucy connect more as friends. They begin talking a lot more, and Kendall even starts trusting Lucy with things Edit

In Big Time Move, Lucy comes to watch Big Time Rush perform "All Over Again". While she is there, Kendall points at her a few times. During the concert, she winks at him, and he smiles. At the end of the concert they share a hug, This episode hints that Lucy and Kendall may be developing feelings for each other. Edit

In Big Time Double Date, Kendall helps Lucy lie to her parents about studying classical music. The two and the guys sing the song Cover Girl. At the end, they hold hands.Edit

In Big Time Surprise, Kendall is determined to ask out Lucy. Unfortunately, Lucy's ex-boyfriend Beau comes back, and Lucy becomes conflicted on who to choose. Eventually, Kendall proves that Beau is a cheater, and he finally asks out Lucy. They share their first kiss together in the Palm Woods elevator, with Jo Taylor shocked.Edit

In Big Time Scandal, Lucy writes 'You Dumped Me for Her' about Kendall. After many arguments though, Lucy does not leak this information to the press.Edit

In Big Time Lies, Lucy pretends to have a crush on Kendall and creates nervous tension between him and Jo. But she apologizes to both of them later, revealing she was trying to stir up drama to help with her songwriting. she says that when they broke up, she was able to write some of the best songs she'd ever made, but since she was over it now, she was having serious trouble coming up with something new. Edit

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